Extended dock


DP expansion dock

1. graphics card DP1.4 supports 3 screens at the same time 4k60 different display (MSST)

2. graphics card DP1.2. Support dual screen 2K144 single -screen 1080p

3.Windows supports three -screen same display or three -screen different display

4. Mac OS only supports copy mode (SST)

5. Three output port HDMI/DP can be arbitrarily combined

6. Type C input can be customized.



Type C extension dock

1.PD100W quickly charge mobile phones and tablets

2.USB3.0 interface: 5Gbps theoretical rate high -speed transmission, can be connected with U disks, keyboards, mouses, hard disks, small fans, cameras ...

3.vga interface, connect to the laptop, projector, projector

4.5. Double HDMI interface: 4K high -definition outer screen equipment, the same screen is the same, which can connect LCD TVs and projectors

6.Type-C interface: connect laptop computer, mobile phone, tablet computer



USB expansion dock

1. Support Apple notebook USB three -screen different display (MSS)

2. Three -screen different display (MST) support up to 1080p60Hz

3. Support PD fast charge, support USB3.0

4. Support Windows, Mac OS, Android and other operating systems (required for installation)