ADC chip

Type: Isolated AD conversion IC/High speed AD conversion IC/32-bit high-precision low zero drift AD conversion IC/24-bit low-power low zero drift high-precision AD conversion IC/ Σ-Δ AD conversion IC/SAR AD conversion IC/APC (Analog to PWM)/Audio AD conversion IC.

DAC chip

Type: High speed DA conversion IC/High precision DA conversion IC/PAC (PWM to Analog)/DPC (Digital to PWM)/Audio DA conversion IC.

High quality operational amplifier chip

Type: Universal operational amplifier/High speed operational amplifier/High precision operational amplifier/Low noise operational amplifier/Zero drift operational amplifier/Current detection operational amplifier/Ultra low power operational amplifier/Nanowatt level and micro power high-performance comparator.

Analog switching chip

Type: USB/PCI-E/DP/HDMI/VGA, etc., with a maximum bandwidth of 8.1G

7400 series/4000 series logic chips

Types: 74HC/HCT, 74AHC/AHCT, 74LV/LVC, 74LVT, 74AVC, 74AUP, CD40XX

Serial parallel interface chip

Type: 485/422/232, LVDS, MBUS, HBUS, serialization/deserialization

Millimeter wave radar chip

Type: 60/77GHz CMOS millimeter wave radar chip

Car charging chip

Supports multiple fast charging protocols: Type-C PD, Apple BC1.2, Qualcomm QC2.0&QC3.0, MTK PE+1.1PE+2.0 Huawei FCP, SCP, Samsung AFC, Spreadtrum SFCP, OPPO VOOC, etc; Simultaneously supporting multiple simultaneous outputs such as Type-C and USB-A, with a maximum power of up to 45W

High quality LDO

Low noise, high PSRR LDO, also known as RF LDO, is used in analog/RF circuits sensitive to noise, such as ADC, RF receiver and transmitter, low noise amplifier (LNA), phase-locked loop PLL, voltage controlled oscillator VCO, audio amplifier, image processing, instrumentation, precision sensors, high-resolution data converters, etc., providing low noise, high power ripple suppression ratio PSRR; Also supports high voltage (45V) input, 2.5 μ A static current

Voltage reference source

Type: Low noise, 5ppm temperature drift,+/-10mA drive

Clock chip

Type: Generate precise clocks; Active crystal oscillator; Multiple configurable clocks